Commercial Lawyer

David joined us in the Melbourne head office in December 2010. Initially he commenced on a Part Time basis with a view of spending some more time with his family. David can’t seem to get enough of us however and requested a gradual increase to full time, which we happily offered our legal eagle.

Let’s get to know our family man a little better…

So David, what do you do in your role?

DN: I am the first point of contact for internal and external inquiries regarding legal and contractual issues. This involves providing legal information, advisory services and support to the Management and Staff of ACER.

On a daily basis I am involved in proposal development, contractual negotiations, contract variations and dispute resolution on behalf of ACER. I am responsible for coordinating ACER’s legal position and response to a wide range of interesting and sometimes challenging issues.

What do you love most about your role?

DN: People interaction, analysis and problem solving.

I interact on a daily basis with a wide range of people in different areas of work. So each day I learn something new!  Whether it be about Rasch Analysis or how assessment items are developed. The role invites learning not only in the law but also in relation to educational services. The staff are very keen to assist and teach in their area of expertise to ensure the law and education meet to satisfy ACER and client needs.

HR Helper: Rasch Analysis? I think I’m going to stick to HR and leave this one to the experts!

What are some of the challenges of your role?

DN: Ensuring compatibility between ACER client needs, ACER project needs and legal contractual requirements.

How did you end up in your current field?

DN: My first employment was in the Magistrates Court and I commenced an arts/law degree part time. This led into working in the law on a full time basis.

How would you describe ACER, its culture and its people?

DN: ACER is a great place to work. The people are friendly, down to earth and only too willing to assist. Whether it is helping me understand the intricacies of Rasch Analysis or supplying vegetables from their garden! It is also a family friendly place allowing me to meet the demands of family life flexibly.

When you’re not busy enjoying life at ACER, what keeps you occupied? Any hobbies?

DN: Family and red wine!

HR Helper: So which one is the hobby?

DN: ** silence**