Senior Software Engineer

As a Bachelor of Computing (Hons) graduate, PL survived the dreaded Y2K bug to join ACER in December 2000 as an IT Officer. With a growing expertise in system software development, it was not long before she was advanced to the role of Software Engineer. Becoming a senior team member in 2008, PL now leads a small team and is responsible for managing systems development projects across the organisation.

Let’s get to know our tech-savvy friend a little better…

What do you do in your role?

PL: I work in the Software Development team, coordinating project-based application and database development. I coordinate resources and ensure that the processes or preparations required are in place for successful implementation. Database management, data manipulation and reporting are also a few important areas of my work.

HR Helper: PL is described by her colleagues as “a critical member of the IT Team…who shoulders her role with grace and distinction”. Sorry to embarrass you PL, but I had to share those warm words of praise for you and your work.

What do you love most about your role?

PL: I get a lot of room to explore and learn, especially with new technologies and making improvements to business processes. I enjoy the project management, communication and leadership aspects of my role, helping me to be a better thinker, to learn and improve. There is endless support from my supervisors.

Excitement, Security and Passion is what I feel in ACER.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

PL: Juggling multiple projects at the same time, but ensuring they are delivered on time and on budget. It is important that when delivering a product or service that we keep sight of what the user sees and feels.

How did you end up in your current field?

PL: I completed an honours degree in computing, majoring in software development. This is my first job in Australia. In the 13 years at ACER, my role and work has changed as I have developed professionally.

How would you describe ACER, its culture and its people?

PL: People at ACER are nice, welcoming, and always ready to help and teach. They are highly professional, with good values and very passionate about their work. It is an enjoyable working environment; it is fair and flexible, the staff and management are supportive and allow creativity and innovation, which is important to the IT Team.

When you’re not busy enjoying life at ACER, what keeps you occupied? Any hobbies?

PL: I love to eat. Hanging out with friends at restaurant and cafes would be my preferred way to relax. I also love walking along the beach to think or simply just to enjoy life.