ACER Certificates School Licence

Schools can purchase a whole-school licence to participate in ACER Certificates in Mathematics and Reading

Offer eligible students at your school the opportunity to participate in ACER Certificates by purchasing a school licence in 2017.  Both unlimited and limited licencing options are available, giving your school complete flexibility.

An ACER Certificates school licence will provide your school with:

  • the opportunity for all students from Year 3 to achieve independent recognition in mathematics and reading
  • the opportunity for selected students to sit an ACER Certificate in recognition of their achievement
  • a significantly reduced registration rate per student, and
  • teacher access to the Learning Lab

School Licence – Options

Licence No. School classification * Unlimited
    2 domains: (Mathematics and Reading)
1 Very Small (< 100 enrolments) $375
2 Small (101-200) $593
3 Medium (201-400) $788
4 Medium/Large (401-800) $1343
5 Large (801-1200) $1838
6 Very Large (1201+) $2250
    2 domains: (Mathematics and Reading)
7 Single test purchase (min 10) $15
* Total school enrolments


Unlimited Licence

Schools can purchase a licence that allows an unlimited number of students to sit for both ACER Certificates in Mathematics and ACER Certificates in Reading at your school during one of the testing weeks in 2017. This unlimited licence allows your school to register students to sit the ACER Certificate tests without requiring parent payment direct to ACER. Unlimited licences can be purchased for Semester 1, covering the April and June testing weeks, or Semester 2, covering the November testing week. Students should not sit the tests in both April and June.

Limited Licence

Schools can purchase a licence for a select number of single tests (minimum of 10 tests) for students to sit an ACER Certificate in Mathematics and/or Reading at your school during 2017. The limited licence requires schools to provide the ACER Academy with students’ test details prior to testing. This option allows parents to continue to independently register and pay for their child to sit an ACER Certificate test separately to those students nominated by the school for the limited licence tests purchased.

Licence Conditions

  • School licences are limited to the completion of ACER Certificate tests in 2017.
  • Schools must be registered to participate in the ACER Certificates program.
  • Schools will not be reimbursed 10 per cent of the usual fee for those students sitting the ACER Certificate tests under the school licence arrangement.
  • ACER’s normal payment/invoice conditions apply.

Purchase a Licence

If you wish to purchase a school licence, and have already registered, please email with your nominated licence option. If you would like to register your school for ACER Certificates please complete the school registration form and indicate your licencing preferences.


For inquiries regarding licence arrangements for your school, please contact:

+61 3 9277 5555
1800 338 402 (Toll Free)