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Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004

MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release: Wednesday 14 July 2004 Viewing organisations through the lens of type Applying the lens of type to an organisation can help us to understand behaviour at work - both in terms of what we do as well as in terms of how we do those things according to visiting US academic Dr Katherine Hirsch. Dr Hirsch will be in Melbourne next week to address the International Test Users’ Conference hosted by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Dr Hirsch will present an introduction to the MBTI␣ Tool and provide an introduction on when it is appropriate to apply the lens of type. The MBTI␣ Tool is a self-report inventory designed to sort individuals according to their preferences on four dichotomous dimensions: extraversion-introversion, sensing-intuition, thinking-feeling, and judging-perceiving. “Although an individual, team or organisation is more than the sum of each of the preferences, breaking behaviour down in terms of particular preferences provides a starker picture of the influences of the preferences at work and may better serve you in anticipating the strengths and challenges associated with particular type preferences,” Dr Hirsch says. Dr Hirsch is a faculty developer at the University of Minnesota. As consultant and writer for Sandra Hirsch Consulting (MBTI␣), Dr Hirsch was involved in team building and management training, as well as research, editing and writing. She is the co-author, with Elizabeth and Sandra Hirsch, of Introduction to Type and also The MBTI␣ Teambuilding Program: A Leader’s Resource Guide. The conference will take place on July 19 and 20 at Melbourne’s Hilton on the Park hotel. For further information please phone (03) 9835 7403 or visit the ACER website at ****************ENDS*************