Creativity and innovation: Insights from neuroscience workshop

An initiative of the Centre for the Science of Learning @ACER, this work builds on research focusing on creative insight and the role of feedback (DeVelle, 2016; Timms, DeVelle and Schwanter, 2015).

Fourteen participants learned about the historical background to measuring creativity, neuromyths that surround the topic, and recent advances in neuroscience that examine where and when the creative process emerges in the brain. The afternoon session involved a ‘hands-on’ approach to assessing both a creative process and product, using assessment tasks such as rubrics and rating scales.

Feedback was very positive and included comments such as ‘encouraged me to think more deeply about creativity and what we can do effectively in schools’ and ‘excellent workshop, informative and relevant to education now and where to go.’

Expressions of interest are now open for Brisbane with a date set for 6 August 2016, preceding ACER’s Research Conference 2016.


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