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Inferring underlying values 1

Learning intention

For students to be able to infer the underlying values of familiar tales.


with students their school values or classroom values.


a list of these values on the board.


What would a student be doing to show 'fairness', 'learning' or 'respect'?


students to work in small groups to record what behaviours demonstrate each value.


students' responses.


students to reflect on what generally happens in their playground or classroom.


that students' behaviour usually demonstrates the school values and if a visitor came to the school they could identify some of the school values just by watching the students at work.


to students that stories also display values and they often have multiple layers. On the surface is the action but at deeper level stories may promote particular values. For example, Superman at the surface level is a story about people who are in trouble, a villain who is threatening their safety and how Superman saves them. At a deeper level, the values in Superman are about good triumphing over evil.


that the values of a story are like the moral. They are lessons about life that we might learn from this story.