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These workshops are designed for educators who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of PAT and the Progressive Achievement approach. It provides an overview of PAT implementation in the Maths and Reading domains, from accessing student data to differentiating teaching according to student needs, in a range of school environments.

In this highly practical workshop, you will learn how to effectively analyse student assessment data to determine their understanding of key skills and concepts and identify their teaching and learning needs. It is highly recommended that you arrange access to the data in your school’s online account for use in this session to make the learning as relevant and realistic as possible.

Every step of the PAT assessment process will be covered, from tutorials and investigation tasks demonstrating how to access student data, to case studies illustrating simple reporting and data interrogation methods that will help you link data with teaching practice.

The evidence-based, holistic Progressive Achievement approach helps educators monitor student growth and target teaching where it is needed most, and Understanding PAT will show you how to get the most from your PAT data.

Recommended Prior Learning:

No prior PAT professional learning is required. It is highly recommended that attendees organise access to the data in their school’s online account for this session.

Intended learning outcomes:

Participants will learn how to:

  • better understand the Progressive Achievement approach
  • effectively implement PAT
  • interrogate PAT data through reports
  • monitor student growth and differentiate teaching practice accordingly.

Intended audience:

Aimed at educators keen to develop and further their knowledge and understanding of PAT, ideally those responsible for administering or reporting on PAT assessments, or for implementing teaching and learning strategies informed by assessment results.

Workshop in detail:

  • gain an understanding of PAT and the Progressive Achievement approach
  • learn about PAT implementation best practice
  • receive training in online account use
  • understand how to effectively interrogate PAT data through reports
  • learn to link PAT data with practical changes to pedagogy
  • model successful strategies for effective use of the PAT Teaching Resources Centre
  • find out how to effectively monitor growth – and where to find further support.

All 2020 face-to-face PAT workshops have been cancelled due to COVID-19. During this time we are recommending schools look at our online courses as an alternative to the workshop. Find out more about our professional learning online courses.

Date and location Presenter Cost Availability
2 Nov to 16 Nov 2020 | Online
Time: 4.30pm AEDT

Daniel O’Loughlin

Marc Kralj

Matt Bongetti

$150 to $400 Register