Progressive Achievement Tests in Vocabulary Skills

PAT Vocabulary Skills measures the breadth and depth of a student’s vocabulary; that is, knowing the meaning of words, recognising synonyms, understanding how context affects meaning, categorising and ordering words by degree, recognising word roots and understanding how affixes change meaning.

Research shows that a student must understand at least 95 per cent of what they read in order to keep improving comprehension skills through independent reading. A broad vocabulary with deep understanding of word meaning is an important part of the picture – and that’s what our new assessment will help you measure.

While a previous PAT Vocabulary assessment measured one important strand – the ability to identify synonyms – the new PAT Vocabulary Skills scale reflects a much broader conception of vocabulary and a wide range of associated processes.


PAT Vocabulary Skills is delivered online only in a highly interactive and dynamic format, with drag-and-drop and hotspot functionality and animations designed to stimulate and engage students. It is recommended for Years 3 to 10 and results can be reported by individual, group or band.

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