This series of the AER provides research literature reviews, with analysis and commentary, on contemporary issues in education. ACER plans to publish two titles per year.

Series Editor: Suzanne Mellor – Senior Research Fellow, ACER, Educational Monitoring and Research Division.
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AER 59Bahr, N., & Mellor, S., Building quality in teaching and teacher education, Australian Education Review No 61. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by Prof. Tania Aspland, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts, and Professor in Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. She is also President of the Australian Council of Deans of Education. This title was released 26 July 2016.

Media Release: Higher bar: Professional standards not sufficient for teacher quality.



AER 59Connors, L., & McMorrow, J. Imperatives in School Funding: Equity sustainability and achievement, Australian Education Review No 60. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by Ross Gittins, Economics Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and economic columnist for The Age in Melbourne. This title was released 29 June 2015.

Media Release: Support for all in Australia’s hybrid school system.



AER 59Sullivan, P. Teaching Mathematics: Using research-informed strategies, Australian Education Review No 59. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by Prof. Mike Askew, Professor of Primary Education, Monash University. This title was released 1 August 2011.

Media Release: Teachers must prepare students for using mathematics in the real world.



AER 58Ewing, R. The Arts and Australian Education: Realising potential, Australian Education Review No 58. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreward by Prof. John O'Toole, lead writer for development of the Arts in the Australian Curriculum. This title was released 12 January 2011.

Media Release: Call to embed Arts in all curriculum areas



AER 57Masters, G. N., Reforming Educational Assessment: Imperatives, principles and challenges, Australian Education Review No 57, Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by Gordon Stanley, former President of the NSW Board of Studies, who holds honorary positions in Education and Psychology at the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney and Oxford. The title was released 18 March 2013.

Media Release: Time to reform educational assessment



AER 56Moyle , K. Building Innovation: Learning with technologies, Australian Education Review No 56. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by James Bosco, Professor Emeritus in Educational Studies, Western Michigan University. This title was released 9 March 2010.

Media release: Social networking provides new opportunities for learning



AER 55Wyn , J. Touching the Future: Building skills for life and work, Australian Education Review No 55. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by Professor Andy Furlong, Professor of Social Inclusion and Education, University of Glasgow. This title was released 2 December 2009.

Media release: School system designed for past won’t prepare young Australians for the future



AER 54Lo Bianco , J. Second Languages and Australian Schooling, Australian Education Review No 54. Melbourne: ACER. It is written with Yvette Slaughter and includes a Foreword by Professor Richard Johnstone, OBE, Emeritus Professor, University of Stirling and Director of SCOTLANG. This test was released 30 September 2009.

Media Release: Language learning must focus on personal not economic benefits



AER 53Mulford, B. The Leadership Challenge: Improving learning in schools, Australian Education Review No 53. Melbourne : ACER. It includes a Foreword by Geoff Southworth, Deputy CEO and Strategic Director of Research and Policy at the National College for School Leadership in England. This title was released 29 April 2008.

Media Release: Better focus required on principal career paths and roles



AER 52Freebody, Peter. Literacy Education in School: Research perspectives from the past, for the future, Australian Education Review No 52. Melbourne: ACER. It includes a Foreword by Prof. Barry McGaw, Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute. This title was released 21 November 2007.

Media release: Literacy research must look to the past



AER 51Tytler, R. Re-imagining Science Education: Engaging students in science for Australia's future, Australian Education Review No 51. Melbourne : ACER. It includes a Foreword by Dr Jim Peacock, Australia's Chief Scientist. This title was published 15 May 2007.

Media Release: Curriculum reform a key to ending science crisis



AER 50Elliott, A. Early Childhood Education: Pathways to quality and equity for all children, Australian Education Review No 50. Melbourne : ACER. It includes a Foreword by Prof. Alan Hayes. This title was published 15 November 2006

Media Release: Early childhood education at the crossroads



AER 49Matters, G. Using Data to Support Learning in Schools: Students, teachers, systems, Australian Education Review No 49. Melbourne : ACER. It includes a Foreword by Dr Randy Bennett, Research and Development Division at Educational Testing Services, Princeton, New Jersey. This title was published 5 May 2006.

Media Release: More strategic thinking needed on the use of data in schools



AER 48Ellis, L. A. Balancing Approaches: Revisiting the educational psychology research on teaching students with learning difficulties, Australian Education Review No 48. Melbourne : ACER. It included a Foreword by Prof. Peter Freebody, Research Fellow in Faculty of Education, University of Sydney. This title was published 19 October 2005.

Media Release: A balanced approach needed for students with learning difficulties



AER 47Mellor, S. & Corrigan, M., The Case for Change: A review of contemporary research on Indigenous education outcomes, Australian Education Review No 47, Melbourne: ACER. It included a Foreword by Prof Paul Hughes. This title was published 18 February 2004.

Media Release: New effort needed to improve Indigenous education