ALSET assesses a range of competencies considered important for successful tertiary study. ALSET evaluates skills such as critical thinking and understanding and analysis of given information. It does not test knowledge of discipline/curriculum specific academic content.

Test duration:  2 hours, plus 10 minutes reading time
Question type: 70 multiple-choice

The ALSET Candidate Information Booklet provides information, advice and a selection of free sample questions. All candidates are encouraged to work through the booklet.

This booklet provides the only source of practice questions available.

There is evidence that specific coaching for tests such as ALSET is not particularly effective in improving candidates' scores. This is partly because the tests are designed to assess reasoning and comprehension skills which develop over extended periods of time through a variety of experiences. A candidate's best preparation is to read widely and to think critically about what is read.
There is also value in becoming familiar with the kinds of questions encountered in ALSET (critical & quantitative reasoning), and with general test-taking strategies.

Past test papers are not released.