Project team

The collaboration between the 16 medical schools and ACER for this project is important. The members of the collaboration from medical schools represent the substantial diversity of medical education provision in Australia. The schools involved represent a variety in size, age, location and curricula, and the participating members of each school offer leadership, insight and innovation in all areas of medical education. ACER is a founding partner of AMAC and continues to play a significant role in the collaboration, offering expertise in assessment development and delivery and acting as an independent body for collating and disseminating data to schools.

The project was jointly led by:

  • Professor David Wilkinson (Deputy Vice Chancellor (Corporate Engagement and Advancement) Macquarie University)
  • Professor Ben Canny (Monash University)
  • Professor Lambert Schuwirth (Flinders University)
  • Associate Professor Hamish Coates (formerly, Director Higher Education Research, ACER, now at the University of Melbourne).

Dr Daniel Edwards (ACER) managed and coordinated the project.

Formal project partners (on the original OLT proposal) from participating universities were:

  • Professor Philip Jones (University of New South Wales)
  • Professor Ian Wilson (University of Wollongong)
  • Associate Professor Ray Tedman (Griffith University)
  • Professor Nicky Hudson (University of New England and University of Newcastle Joint Medical Program)
  • Dr Elina Tor (University of Notre Dame, Fremantle)
  • Associate Professor Michael Wan (University of Notre Dame, Sydney)
  • Dr Janet McLeod (Deakin University).

In addition, Jacob Pearce (ACER) was a key member of the project team.

Project partners not in the Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching grant submission include Associate Professor Paul Duggan (University of Adelaide), Associate Professor Leo Davies (University of Sydney), Dr David Kramer (The Australian National University), Professor Craig Zimitat (University of Tasmania), Associate Professor Charles Leduc (Bond University) and Joy Rutland (University of Otago).

Project support was provided by test developers and psychometricians from ACER and administrative officers from all partners involved.