ACER established the GEM Centre in 2013 to develop, document and disseminate models of good practice related to different aspects of education. This includes assessment, as well as other areas of policy and practice that can contribute to improved learning outcomes.

ACER’s long experience and established expertise in designing and running various assessment programs in different international contexts, and in conducting support and other programs in a range of developing countries, are consolidated and given strategic focus through the GEM Centre.

GEM Board

The GEM Centre is a collaboration between ACER and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), overseen by a Board. It supports the development of educational initiatives especially within the Indo-Pacific region, but also more widely including Africa, South America, and various parts of Central, South and East Asia.

The Board facilitates the building of support relationships with partner governments in those countries and regions, helping to ensure a consistent, high-quality, and flexible approach is taken to working with partner governments and clients to improve educational outcomes.