Capacity building

Capacity building for evidence-based education policy is a core element of the GEM Centre’s system strengthening program. Based on its long-standing experience, the GEM Centre has identified four overarching areas for capacity building to support evidence-based policy:

1. Capacity analysis

The GEM Centre conducts institutional reviews and capacity analyses, based on a systematic model for evaluating and analysing national capabilities and needs in areas related to educational monitoring and measurement.

2. Implementation support

The GEM Centre supports the implementation of policies aimed at improving educational progress for all learners based on educational data.

3. Assessment policy interface

The GEM Centre aims to support the more effective and appropriate use of assessments in education decision-making and reform, and at the same time offers support to researchers to better respond to policy needs.

4. Intervention design

The GEM Centre aims to support countries in the design of interventions to improve teaching and learning using the outcomes of student assessment. This program area includes the identification and documentation of interventions that have effectively used assessment data to improve teaching and learning.

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