Indexing in bibliographic databases

What databases are produced by the Cunningham Library?

Our main database product is the Australian Education Index  (AEI), available internationally as a subscription database from:

We also have contracts to produce other specialist databases on behalf of other organizations. These are currently available free on the web.

Contact us to discuss commissioning of further databases.

Why should I contribute my material for indexing?

  • By contributing to the AEI, BOLDE, DRIE or Learning Ground, authors and publishers are helping to build Australia’s largest source of education information
  • Information about publications is disseminated throughout Australia and internationally, promoting authors’ work and marketing publications throughout the broader education sector and within the specialist areas of International education, Distance education and Indigenous education
  • Promotes the sharing of ideas and resources across the Australian education learning community
  • The Cunningham Library at ACER maintains an outstanding specialist collection in education and related areas such as psychology. It is our mission to fulfill a national role in the provision of information resources which support policy development, practice and debate in the field of education, as well as to support the ACER research program

What happens to material received for indexing?

  • Print copies of books and journals - items are indexed and listed in the relevant bibliographic databases and/or the Cunningham Library catalogue. Physical items are added to the Cunningham Library collection, unless the publisher specifically requests that this does not occur
  • Web resources which are freely available on the web - items are indexed and listed in the relevant bibliographic databases and/or the Cunningham Library catalogue with a link to the URL of that resource on the web.  To ensure ongoing access to the item, we also ask the National Library of Australia to archive a copy of the resource in their Pandora service.  Only Australian items can be archived by Pandora
  • Web resources which have access conditions - only bibliographical and abstract information data will be included in the relevant bibliographic databases, together with a link to the URL of that resource on the publisher’s website

    To facilitate indexing of this material we ask that publishers provide Cunningham Library indexing staff with access to the full text, either by IP authentication (IP range 203.2.133.*) or by username and password. We have a number of different arrangements with different publishers, and can work with you to find a suitable access model.

    Indexing staff will not use the full-text content to provide inter-library loans, or distribute full-text content to other ACER staff, or other persons external to ACER.

    When the content is being provided by IP access, it is not possible for library staff to control any use of the full-text content by other ACER staff within the IP range. Publishers can question or terminate the agreement if they are unhappy with the amount of use being made of the full text.

Where should I send material to be indexed?

Postal address:

Library Acquisitions
Cunningham Library
Australian Council for Educational Research
Private Bag 55
Camberwell, VIC 3124

Email address: