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School leaders, education associations, professional learning providers, libraries, unions, independent researchers and education authorities are among those who enjoy access to the most comprehensive and current collection of educational research documents in Australia.

Membership of ACER's Cunningham Library provides daily alerts to education news and the latest evidence, plus research services including access to:

  • 50 000 educational books from Australian and overseas authors
  • 400 journal titles on education, research and psychology
  • easy, integrated online search across all resources
  • fast supply of articles and books, by email, post or in person at 19 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell

Subscriptions are suitable for both local and remote customers. Membership options are:

Individual membership

  • 12 months individual membership—AUD $345

School membership

  • 12 months school membership—up to 500 students—AUD $345
  • 12 months school membership—501-1200 students—AUD $480
  • 12 months school membership—1200+ students—AUD $575

Organisation membership

  • Contact us to discuss services for organisation (non-school) membership

Prices include GST (Australia only). Subscriptions are for a calendar year (1 January to 31 December), therefore pro-rata rates will apply.