Which assessment programs are available for online administration and reporting?

Visit the Tests available page to view the list of current assessment programs, along with additional information including test content, cost, reports etc. In most instances, scoring is automatic and student reports are available to generate immediately after students complete their tests. 

What kind of reporting is available?

There are a number of reports available depending on the assessment program. Generally, reports include sorting of student results by question difficulty, question type or strand, student performance measures and student details. Linking of each question number to the stimulus and questions details is also usually available. An export function is commonly included so results can be integrated with other student performance measures. Links to the Australian Curriculum are provided where relevant. Visit the Tests available page for specific reporting information about each assessment program.  

What pricing options are available?

Site licences are available for 12 months of testing and reporting, or pay-as-you-go test credits are available. A site licence covers your whole school for testing and the licence price is based on the total number of students enrolled at your school (rather than the number of students that will sit tests) and the number of tests you wish to purchase. 

2020 prices

What set-up is required to begin testing?

Once tests are purchased, your school must upload students’ details into your online assessment and reporting account. A unique username and a password must be allocated to each student during this process. Student logins can be used for multiple tests and stay with students over time, unless edited by your school. Once students’ login details have been created, your school must also assign tests to students. A range of resources including short video demonstrations are available in your school’s account in the help menu.    

How do students complete tests?

Each student requires access to a computer or device connected to the internet and a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari. Students log in to sit tests from your school’s online assessment and reporting unique web address, with the username and password created by your school. The test administrator should keep a record of the time the test commenced and carefully follow the teacher administration instructions provided (available in your school's account within the help menu). 

What happens if my internet connection drops out while students are completing the test?

Students will be able to continue the test from the last question completed when the internet connection is restored. They will need to log back in with the same username and password to resume their test.