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The MajorsPTI™ Certification is a two-step course which provides an in-depth understanding of each of the 16 personality types described by Carl Jung and Isabel Myers. Developed in the 1990s by Dr Mark Majors, the Majors Personality Type Inventory – MajorsPTI™ – Step I is a 52-item questionnaire that identifies the personality types and can be completed within 10 minutes. The Majors PT-Elements™ Step II is a more in-depth measure which reports on specific areas of development and potential blockages. The MajorsPTI™ is an excellent instrument for coaching and team development purposes.

Course outline:

Personality Type Theory and the Majors instruments

  • Psychological type theory and type dynamics.
  • Personality type development and the inferior function.
  • Carl Jung’s model of the psyche and personality types.
  • An introduction to Temperament theory and its links to type.
  • Administering and scoring the MajorsPTI™.
  • Interpreting the results and giving feedback to individuals and groups.
  • Ethical use of MajorsPTI™ and Majors PT-Elements™.
  • Research and development of MajorsPTI™ and Majors PT-Elements™.
  • A brief introduction to other type-related instruments, including the Function-Skills Development Assessment (FSDA), an instrument that assesses the level of development of the Jungian functions, and the Psychological Type and Stress Indicator.

Applications of Personality Type Theory

You will learn about psychological type and how to use Personality Type instruments, working with both individuals and groups. This is a practical workshop in which you will experience a variety of activities that you can use with your clients. You will also have an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of each of the 16 personality types.

Course cost includes lunch and course notes.

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