Writing Creatively with Dr Lillian Fawcett

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Writing Creatively

We often test students' writing skills rather than teaching them the skills of writing.

In this workshop, Dr Lillian Fawcett will introduce you to:

  • a unique strategy for improving the ability of primary students to write narrative text using descriptive language.
  • a 10-minute-a-day plan for developing primary students’ stamina for writing.
  • the importance of teaching grammar as a part of the writing process.

The workshop will also include a step-by-step strategy for teaching primary students the skills associated with writing persuasively.

Come to this information-filled workshop prepared to write!

$110 registration fee includes a photocopiable version of Writing Creatively  ($55 rrp) by Dr Lillian Fawcett


Dr Lillian Fawcett has more than 25 years of teaching experience, and is an accredited Dyslexia-SPELD specialist teacher with additional qualifications in psychology. She has developed a range of highly researched spelling and reading programs, and runs workshops for parents, teachers and schools. For more information on Dr Fawcett and her programs, visit crackingtheabccode.com.