The questionnaire

  • Designed for upper primary and secondary students
  • 25-35 questions
  • Approximately 15 minutes to complete
  • Available online
  • Can be administered to:
    • groups within year levels
    • specific year levels
    • whole school

Students respond anonymously to a series of statements by indicating their level of agreement on a four-point likert scale by choosing one of the four alternatives: definitely agree, agree, disagree, definitely disagree.

The SLQ is designed to measure important school outcomes such as attitudes towards

  • school in general
  • learning
  • teachers
  • other students.

The general aspects of school life are:

  • General satisfaction (or positive affect) reflects favourable feelings about school as whole.
  • Negative affect which refers to negative feelings about school.

The specific aspects of schooling are:

  • Teachers which refers to a feeling about the adequacy of the interaction between teachers and students.
  • Relevance (previously called opportunity) which represents a belief in the relevance of schooling for the future.
  • Success (sometimes called achievement) which reflects a sense of confidence in ones ability to be successful in school work.
  • Social integration (previously called identity) which is concerned with a sense of learning about other people and getting along with other people.
  • Status (Secondary version) which indicates the relative degree of prestige accorded to the individual by significant others within the school.
  • Enjoyment (Primary version) represents a sense of self-motivation in learning and that learning is enjoyable for its own sake.

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