Promoting thinking routines in Indian classrooms

Promoting thinking routines in Indian classrooms

The challenges of the pandemic remind us that we have to build a generation of learners who are capable of solving problems and thinking critically. Now more than ever, it is essential to reflect on if our classrooms are providing students with enough opportunities to think and construct their knowledge. Are students being motivated to observe, analyse, and question? And more importantly, can the habit of thinking critically be taught to our students?

School leaders and teachers have often introduced practices that make learning more effective under changing circumstances. Whether online or in physical classrooms, these practices have helped to promote the exchange of ideas, helped construct knowledge, make critical observations, and foster collaborations.

Thinking routines – what, why, and how?

Project Zero, an initiative by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, has developed thinking routines that can be used in different ways to support learning and enhance thinking among students across age groups and with different abilities and competencies.

  1. What is a thinking routine? Thinking routines are simple tools