The Tertiary Education Mathematics Test has been developed by ACER in association with the Department of Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Melbourne.

The test can be used as either a tool to aid selection into university courses that do not specify Year 12 Mathematics as a prerequisite, or as a test of the "basic skills" of entrants to such courses.

The test can act as a diagnostic assessment to guide the teaching program for the semester.


TEMT assesses students in the following areas:

  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Shape and space
  • Chance and data
  • Algebra
  • Reasoning and proof.

Format and development

The Tertiary Education Mathematics Test is a timed, multiple-choice test. Candidates have 45 minutes to complete the 45 test items.

The test was developed at ACER through an extensive design and development process that included trialling on a sample population, and review of the psychometric properties of each test item.