Data collection and reporting

RTOs which still have an active account after the VET Quality Indicator Service's closure on the 31st of July 2018 can continue with the following options until their expiry date:


1. Online Surveying – Respondents can complete surveys in an internet browser.

Survey access can be provided with either unique individual links or a Registration Code feature (which can be sent to groups, and allows respondents to create their own login).

If requesting new online access credentials, please confirm and consider your account's expiry date first.

Reporting (and provision of raw response data) is conducted on request, by email to, with requests being processed in order of receipt and with a 5-10 business day turnaround time.


2. Manual Entry spreadsheet – Surveys are conducted through the RTO’s preferred method (i.e. printed out survey forms) and data is collected in a specially formatted Excel spreadsheet (see our Resources page). This spreadsheet of survey data is then emailed to for processing into a report.


3. Scannable Surveys – Specially marked paper-based hardcopies are available, which can be automatically processed.

Their purchase price covers distribution to the RTO by courier and automatic processing at our scanning centre on return.

Learner Questionnaire:                $1.35 incl. GST per survey (minimum order 100)
Employer Questionnaire:             $1.50 incl. GST per survey (minimum order 50)

Please note that as processing/scanning is covered by original purchase, any RTOs which have remaining stock can still submit completed surveys to ACER, even beyond their account expiry date.

ACER provides the collated survey data but does not generate reports.

Any RTOs wishing to purchase scannable surveys in order to utilise their automatic processing to receive collated survey data (but not reports) are welcome to do so, while existing stocks last. Please email to enquire about purchasing.


Standard AQTF report

The SMART format report we produce contains a collated summary of survey data from the Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction questionnaires. This report fulfills the mandatory annual AQTF Quality Indicator reporting requirements to State and Federal Regulatory Bodies.

All reporting is done on request, with requests being processed in order of receipt, and with a 5-10 business day turnaround time.