Manual Entry Templates

RTOs may download and use these manual entry spreadsheet templates to collate their survey data.

When completing the learner and/or employer manual entry template, please ensure you refer to the relevant PDF survey master for the coding of each cell. 

Learner Survey Master

Manual Data Entry Template Spreadsheet (Learner)

Employer Survey Master

Manual Data Entry Template Spreadsheet (Employer)


Competency Completion

If you have questions about the Competency Completion Online System, it is managed by NCVER.  For all Competency Completion enquiries, contact NCVER by email or phone 08 8230 8468.

Please note that as indicated by ASQA on their website, "with the introduction of national VET reporting for all RTOs, there is no longer a requirement for RTOs to report competency completions via CCOS".


Legacy AQTF Documentation

The following resources are provided for RTOs to help them understand their reporting requirements under the AQTF and gain the most out of their quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies.

Please note, however, that they predate the most recent review of AQTF, and hence may be outdated in some of the information they contain.

Learner Engagement Survey

The Learner Questionnaire focuses on whether learners are engaging in activities that are likely to promote high-quality skill outcomes and includes learner perceptions of the quality of their competency development and of the support they have received during their training.

Learner Survey Guide

Learner Questionnaire (this PDF is not a 'Scannable Survey')

Learner Survey Sample Cover Letter

Employer Satisfaction Survey

The Employer Questionnaire collects information from employers of learners participating in nationally recognised training.  The survey focuses on employer evaluation of learner competency development and the relevance of the overall quality of the training and assessment provided by RTOs.

Employer Survey Guide

Employer Questionnaire (this PDF is not a 'Scannable Survey')

Employer Survey Sample Cover Letter

Survey Practicalities

Engaging the Learner Voice

Enhancing Survey Response Rates

Working with Learner and Employer Expectations


Interpreting Quality Indicator Data Guide

Benchmarking for Continuous Improvement

Monitoring Quality Data Over Time

Building Confidence in Your RTOs Services

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