Purchase options

When reviewing our pricing model ACER endeavoured to provide a range of different licence options that ensures fairness, whilst enabling ACER to sustainably make improvements to CSPA Assessments and functionality of the CSPA Online Platform. We are unable to offer further discounts on this price.

Please note that this licensing structure is on a per assessment basis not candidate login over a 12 month license period. This means that if one learner sits Numeracy and Reading this is counted as two assessments from the agreed licensing option.

Customers are able to purchase the minimum license and then pay the balance within the 12 month period to upgrade to the next level license. Customers would be liable to pay the difference only.

CSPA licence type
(No. of assessments)

CSPA Price

(GST inc.)

Online Writing
(per assessment)

Platinum – 5,001-15,000



$7 +GST

Gold – 2,501-5,000



$7 +GST

Silver – 1,251-2,500



$7 +GST

Bronze - 601-1,250



$7 +GST

Standard - 201-600



$7 +GST

Standard - up to 200



$7 +GST

The CSPA License includes:

  • Access to any combination of assessments in CSPA Reading, Numeracy, Mechanical Reasoning Abstract Reasoning and Snapshot Reading & Numeracy Indicator (SRNI).
  • Free CSPA Practice Test (by request)
  • Hosting
  • User Manuals
  • Maintenance & content updates
  • Access to a range of content on “VERA”, ACER’s Vocational Education Resources Application
  • Licensee generated group, test result and candidate reports
  • Helpdesk Support 9am-5pm AEST Monday-Friday