International Developments demonstrates ACER’s work on the many and varied challenges of improving educational outcomes throughout the world..

International Developments Issue 10

  • Monitoring progress towards the SDGs
  • Building partnerships in remote education during COVID-19
  • Uncovering learning inequities in Southeast Asia
  • ACER and UNICEF partner in assessment and evaluation
  • A needs-based early childhood care and development model
  • Improving learning outcomes through teacher development
  • Reviewing professional development programs on inclusive teaching and learning
  • Nepal shifts to the testing of higher order skills
  • Measuring the impact of a girls education program in Zambia
  • Investigating the impact of learning through play at school

International Developments Issue 9

  • Improving learning for all
  • Building capacity for Bhutan’s learning assessment
  • Scottish national assessments inform next steps for learning
  • Examining the impact of Australia Awards around the world
  • Developing a tool for analysing national assessment systems
  • The role of learning progressions in global scales
  • A knowledge portal on learning assessments for South Asia
  • Learning through play in primary school classrooms

International Developments Issue 8

  • Implementing large-scale assessments in education
  • Innovation: Super synthesis: What works in education for development
  • Partner focus: Improving learning outcomes in the Pacific and South Asia
  • Policy: Driving early childhood education quality in Indonesia

International Developments Issue 7

  • Cooperation is vital: Working together to improve learning
  • Partner focus: Working with UIS towards a global measurement scale
  • Policy: addressing early childhood education in the Philippines
  • Policy: developing a regional assessment framework

International Developments Issue 6

  • Why we need to work together
  • Mapping progress: Using data for teaching and learning
  • Partner focus: Supporting leadership preparation in Indonesia
  • Partner focus: Building assessmentcapability in South East Asia

International Developments Issue 5

  • Data to inform policy
  • The cure for early grades assessment difficulties? Take a tablet
  • Partner focus Measuring learning growth in a world of universal education
  • Assessments to support quality teaching and learning

International Developments Issue 4

  • Supporting educational progress for all learners
  • Partner focus Student assessments in India
  • Regional focus Pacific
  • Informing policy in developing countries

International Developments Issue 3

  • Making a difference in developing countries
  • Partner focus Supporting high-quality education across the world
  • Regional focus Africa
  • Literacy and the most marginalised children

International Developments Issue 2

  • Testing in the UAE
  • Partner focus AusAID
  • Regional focus India and Bangladesh, South East Asia
  • Graduate capability

International Developments Issue 1

  • Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
  • Partner focus World Bank
  • Regional focus Latin America, Middle East
  • Issue focus Medical testing
  • International Schools’ Assessment Program