The Australian ICILS data files

From this page you can download the Australian ICILS data files. These files will be of use to researchers, statisticians and others interested in education who would like to undertake their own analyses and exploration of the ICILS data.

The available data files include the student achievement data as well as the student, school and teacher questionnaire data. These data files are available in SPSS and SAS format.

The data in these files comprise the Australian data from the ICILS International Database and a small number of national variables. A national variable may be an adaptation of an international variable (for example, country of birth, language spoken at home or location of school) or an additional variable, with data collected only in Australia (for example, state/territory and Indigenous background). National variables are identified with an ‘aus’ at the start of the variable name.

ICILS data files

Information about the Australian data files

Student file (downloadable zip file) SAS SPSS
School file (downloadable zip file) SAS SPSS
Teacher file (downloadable zip file) SAS SPSS

Supporting documentation

The ICILS methodology is complex.  Prior to undertaking any analyses, it is recommended data users become familiar with all the information (for example, plausible values and replicate weights) required to understand and analyse the data files.

The ICILS 2013 User Guide, to accompany the database, is available for download at:

The IEA IDB Analyzer, an application to assist with the analysis of ICILS data is available for download at