Online resources for individual members

members online resources

Individual members have remote access to a range of resources and full-text literature that are not publicly available. The following is a list of the key resources included with the individual library membership. Members can log in to these resources via the Members’ Portal page.

Library Search

The Library Search provides a single search interface across the library’s catalogue and many databases. Results will include references to subscription based literature and public documents. The remote login will provide access to many full-text documents that are not publicly available online. Once logged in, the Library Search results can be limited to only those references with full-text availability. Any print items identified from the library collection can be express posted to members on request.

Library catalogue (with Personal Pages)

Members interested in professional reading may find it helpful to search directly via the library catalogue. This will limit a search to the library’s collection of educational research material, including books (print and e-books), reports and conference proceedings. Literature not available online can always be requested from the library via the copy request forms on the Members' Portal page.

The members’ catalogue also includes a Personal Pages facility to check loans or to set up alerts for new additions to the collection. Contact the library for more information on this service.

Journal finder

The Journal Finder identifies print and electronic journals held in the Cunningham Library collection and includes links to journals with online articles. Members can request print articles via the copy request forms on the Members’ Portal page.

Australian Education Index (AEI) – members’ edition

The members' edition of the AEI database includes the most recent three years of data from the Australian Education Index. Documents are available for free download or members can request delivery of most print-only documents via the copy request forms.

Australasian Education Directory (AED)

AED is a comprehensive online directory of organisations and personnel in Australian and New Zealand education. It contains information relating to national bodies, government and non-governmental authorities, higher and vocational education institutions, and professional associations. 

OECDiLibrary – education theme

Members have full access to the OECD's online library within the education theme. The OECDiLibrary includes books, papers and data.