What is the difference between Saturn Short and Pluto Short?

They are different test versions. As the results are on the same scale it is easy to compare results between the two tests.

What happens if a student is logged out accidentally?

The student will be returned to the last question they were working on when they log back in.

Which age levels correspond to the year levels in the OPI (especially for international schools)?

The year levels in the OPI test correspond to years of schooling or the US 'grade' system - so a student doing the Year 3 OPI test will be measured against students with three years of structured primary school teaching behind them (assuming that the student commences this structured schooling at the age of five). This definition stems from UNESCO's International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED-97) classification of grades.

The one exception is British-style schools where students are younger. In that case it will be suitable for the students in a British-style school in Year 4 to do the OPI test for Year 3.

Can the teachers access all the individual reports at once?

The teachers can access all the students’ results through the group report.

Technical tips

  • Please make sure that the OPI is the only program running on the computer at the time of the test
  • Make sure to use the navigational tools provided within the OPI software (i.e. the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons), not the navigational tools in the browser (i.e. the back button)
  • Please check the Help menu of your school's account for details on adding/editing student accounts. There will also be some demonstration videos available to guide you through the use of the assessment platform.
  • Run a series of tests to ensure that your current internet browser is compatible with online test delivery here.