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Sample agenda for planning meeting

Prior to your participation in Principal For A Day, whether you are a new participant or have taken part before, it is helpful to have an idea of how your planning conversation might go.

Based on feedback from previous participants, the initial conversation between school principals and community/business leaders should take place a couple of weeks in advance of the day and, if possible, in person.

Suggested agenda

  1. Share your past participation experiences or your expectations, if this is the first time you have participated
  2. Share your motivation for taking part this year
  3. Discuss areas of interest for the school, the principal and the Principal For A Day
  4. Discuss and formulate a clear shared objective for the day based on the following aims of the program, which are to:
  • increase understanding and awareness between schools, business and the wider community
  • promote the great work that schools do
  • provide business and community leaders with firsthand and current experiences of schools
  • enable school principals to develop ongoing relationships with leaders from other spheres
  • increase opportunities for schools and the community to work together in mutually beneficial ways.

Based on this conversation, you should be able to formulate a clear objective for participation, shared between the school and the Principal For A Day, and understand how this objective aligns with the aims of the program.

It is highly recommended that a sample timetable (see following) for meeting the objectives of the partnership results from this conversation.

2018 Principal For A Day – school visit

Sample Timetable
Time Location Suggested involvement
9.00am Principal’s office Arrival: parking available in school grounds. To school reception then the principal’s office.
9.30am Selected locations Orientation – Welcome to the school.
This could be a time where you discuss each other’s role and find commonalities.
10.00am Classroom visit Student-based activity.
This could include joining a classroom or attending a specific program of interest.
11.00am Staff room Recess/morning tea: meet staff, general dialogue about teaching, aspects that concern teachers.
11.30am Small student group You are invited to chat with a small group of students.  This conversation will form the basis of a story in the school’s newsletter.
12.00pm Classroom visit This could be tailored to fit with the expertise and areas of interest to the community/business leader
1.00 pm Lunch  
2.00 pm Meeting Meeting with school leadership team.
Here you can identify specific topics of interest.
Further discussion regarding leading complex and innovative organisations and leadership strategies.
3.00 pm Principal’s office Clarify questions or concerns based on any of your observations.
Discuss ideas to explore working together in the future.
3.30 pm


Depart school.

*This timetable can be used as a guide. You are encouraged to alter this timetable in accordance with your shared objective, the interests of the school and the skills, expertise and areas of interest to the Principal For A Day.

Download this page as PDF (123KB)

NOTE: it is the school’s responsibility to ensure compliance with its own policies and (to the extent of applicability) to the laws concerning privacy and working with children.