What is involved?

In total, ICILS comprises five international instruments.

A student test of Computer and Information Literacy
Each student will complete three 30 minute assessment modules. The modules include authentic computer based information literacy, management and communication tasks in a controlled online environment.

A 20 minute student questionnaire
The student questionnaire will be completed on-line and comprise questions about aspects of students’ background, their use of computer technology and attitudes towards the use of computer technology.

A teacher questionnaire
The on-line teacher questionnaire will ask about teacher use of computers at school and outside school and about self-reported competency in using computers.

A school questionnaire
The on-line school questionnaire to be completed by the school principal will ask about computing resources and policies and practices regarding the use of information technologies at the school as well as school characteristics.

A national context survey of ICT education
The on-line national context survey will collect information on the participating education systems including policies, initiatives, infrastructure resources and practices relating to ICT education in schools.