The Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER is at the forefront of a new transdisciplinary field that we believe has the potential to improve teaching and learning.

Research in a number of disciplines is providing deeper insight into the nature of human learning.  Advances in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social and behavioural sciences and education are adding to our understanding of fundamental learning processes and of the conditions that lead to successful learning.

Our work in the Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER allows us to bring methods from those various disciplines together to gain better understandings of the important role of emotions, learning environments and effective pedagogical practices in education, and these insights will have direct implications for teaching and learning in educational settings.

Applying neuroscience, cognitive psychology and education, the Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER is developing evidence based strategies for learning, evaluating existing strategies, and creating a powerful narrative about the role of aspects of the brain in learning.

The research of the Centre for Science of Learning @ ACER is broadly organised into three themes, Understanding Learning, Promoting Learning and Measuring Learning. In order to achieve the Centre’s goal, three themes feed into, and off, each other, and many of the Centre’s research projects straddle multiple themes.


  • Dr Mike Timms (Director)
  • Dr Sue Thomson
  • Dr Siek-Toon Khoo
  • Dr Sacha DeVelle
  • Dr Sarah Buckley
  • Dr Kate Reid
  • Dr Xiaoxun Sun
  • Dr Ling Tan
  • Dr Ursula Schwantner
  • Ms Danielle Anzai
  • Mr Steven Kambouris
  • Ms Debbie Arena
  • Ms Dulce Lay
  • Mr Thomas Stephen