SEW surveys are automatically scored, with group reports available immediately after surveys have been completed.

The SEW is a confidential group survey with student responses reported by year level and gender. Student identification details are not included in the survey reports. To maintain anonymity and to provide reliable data, there is a minimum requirement of at least 10 students in each group.

The SEW report provides schools with a summary of results across the full survey, and a breakdown of results by specific area and individual survey questions.

The report includes:

  • A summary of student responses in terms of agreement and disagreement to each survey item.
  • Percentage of students at each of five levels of wellbeing (Low, Emerging, Developed, Highly Developed, Very Highly Developed)
  • Measurement of students’ levels of:
    • Social-emotional wellbeing
    • Resilience, attitudes and coping skills
    • Social skills and values
    • Work management and engagement skills
    • Perceptions of school life, home life and their community (Secondary survey only).
  • Comparisons between genders and year levels.
  • Comparative data between your school and a pool of comparison data from all schools who have used the surveys.

Download a Primary Survey sample report.

Download a Secondary Survey sample report.