Data-driven decisions: PAT Maths – Online accredited course

This course is for educators who want to dig deeper into their PAT data to make informed decisions around their teaching.  Through case studies and other learning activities, participants will learn how to use PAT data to plan and implement differentiated learning in the classroom for student success.

Recommended prior learning:  Getting started with PAT ACER accredited professional learning course

AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers

This course focuses on Professional Standard 5: Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning at the Proficient, Highly-Accomplished and Lead Teacher level, particularly Professional Standard 5.4. Interpret student data

Graduate Proficient Highly accomplished appropriate for this level Lead appropriate for this level

Demonstrate understanding of assessment strategies, including informal and formal, diagnostic, formative and summative approaches to assess student learning. 

Use student assessment data to analyse and evaluate student understanding of subject/content, identifying interventions and modifying teaching practice. 

Work with colleagues to use data from internal and external student assessments for evaluating learning and teaching, identifying interventions and modifying teaching practice.  Co-ordinate student performance and program evaluation using internal and external student assessment data to improve teaching practice.

Course duration:  Six hours' online coursework, 14 hours' practical application of course content

Resources:  All recommended resources are included in the course

Registration:  $220 (incl. GST) individual registration; $175 (incl. GST) 10+ concurrent registrations from a single institution

Intended learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • analyse and critically evaluate a range of PAT reports
  • identify teaching strategies which differentiate learning for different students/groups
  • construct targeted lesson plan which differentiates learning for different students and groups use PAT data to develop

Course in detail

The course is delivered in online mode and consists of 1 Module and 1 learning assurance task (use PAT data to design a targeted lesson plan).  The module is interactive and participants work through examples and activities to build skills and knowledge.

The content explains how to select a report and interpret the data it contains.  Participants will learn how to select a strand, and analyse band scales.  Participants will scrutinise learning progressions in order to determine how to sequence purposeful, differentiated teaching strategies to improve student learning.  Participants will then be required to apply this knowledge in their own context.

This course has a dedicated facilitator to support participants.  Participants can also ask specific questions to PAT subject matter experts.  Participants can log on to access the course at their own convenience and can engage in asynchronous discussions about the content.

On completion of the course, participants will be able to join the ACER online Professional Learning Community to access further information pertinent to educator best practice, discuss current professional issues with ACER staff and other Professional Learning graduates and share their practices in a professional network.

The Learning Assurance Task is to design a targeted lesson plan which differentiates learning for all students and groups.

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive an ACER certificate of achievement.

Date and location Presenter Cost Availability
7 May to 13 Jul 2018 | Online

$220 (incl. GST) Register
23 Jul to 12 Oct 2018 | Online

$220 (incl. GST) Register