Creative Activities in Mathematics
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8 May 2017 Melbourne
Time: 4.30pm

Cath Pearn

$180.00 GST inclusive. Register
5 Jun 2017 Melbourne
Time: 4.30pm

Cath Pearn

$180.00 GST inclusive. Register


Problem-based learning is a powerful alternative to drill-and-practice or skills-based learning. In this workshop, Cath Pearn, co-author of Creative Activities in Mathematics Book 1 (ACER Press, 2015), will present a problem that can be used in class to help primary students develop an inquiry-based approach that will help their understanding of maths generally, and maths in the curriculum particularly. The problem is one to which primary students can easily relate:

'How old is my cat or dog in people years?'

The workshop will begin with a thorough look at this problem and its potential and will cover:

  • the use of addition, multiplication and division of numbers under 100;
  • identifying number patterns;
  • describing rules using appropriate language;
  • constructing, using, and interpreting tables, pictograms and graphs; and
  • relating maths to real world situations.

The workshop is also underpinned by a survey of the pedagogical and theoretical basis of mathematical problem solving/inquiry in general, citing the work of Polya, Lester, Jaworski, Boaler and others.

The key learning achievements of the seminars are:

  • the pedagogy of problem solving/inquiry;
  • how to make such activities available for students of all ages; and
  • the theory behind such teaching.

Attendees will receive tea and coffee on arrival and copies of Creative Activities in Mathematics Books 1, 2 and 3 by Derek Holton, Duncan Symons, Charles Lovitt and Cath Pearn.