Cued Articulation
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5 Jun 2018 Melbourne
Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Helen Botham
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There has been much debate over recent years about the best way to teach reading, but the strongest body of evidence supports a structured phonics program, with the emphasis on the development of students’ awareness of sounds in words, or ‘phonological awareness’.

We now know that a certain level of phonological awareness is essential for the acquisition of literacy and that a child’s level of skill in this area is a reliable predictor of later reading ability. Early language experiences play an important role in the development of early sound awareness and improving a child’s phonological awareness has been shown to enhance their literacy outcomes.

Cued Articulation is a system devised by a speech pathologist which fosters an understanding of the sound structure of the language. In Prep to Year 2 it facilitates the development of phonological awareness. Cued Articulation is taught alongside an understanding of the patterns involved in normal speech development.

The seven-hour course is designed to:

  • teach Cued Articulation techniques to teachers
  • provide practical ideas for using Cued Articulation for promoting the development of listening skills and early sound awareness.

 The course also covers:

  • speech sound production
  • normal speech development
  • common errors and immaturities
  • the relationship between spoken sounds and written letters.