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We are pleased to announce our October webinar which will be conducted by Stephen Reder, Professor of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University in the United States. Professor Reder will be presenting on the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning which systematically compares the learning trajectories and life outcomes of 1000 adults over a 10-year period. 

In the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning, repeated in-depth interviews and skills assessments were supplemented with administrative data matched from employment and education agencies. Many adults chose to participate in adult literacy programs while many others did not. Systematic comparisons of their learning trajectories and life outcomes offer important new insights on long-term learning processes and program impacts. Long-term program impacts are larger in size and wider in scope than those seen in short-term studies.

Professor Reder will answer some of the research questions below in this webinar:

  • To what extent do adults' literacy abilities continue to develop after they leave school?
  • What life experiences are associated with adult literacy development? How do formally organised basic skills programs contribute to these learning trajectories? Workplace training? Other contexts and activities?
  • What are adult learners' patterns of participation over time in literacy training and education? In other learning contexts?
  • What are the impacts of adult literacy development on social and economic outcomes?
  • What are the implications of the findings for future research, program evaluation and improvement, and policy?

Stephen Reder is visiting Australia through the support of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL). He is a keynote speaker at the ACAL national conference 2–4 October and is also presenting at a VALBEC Forum in Melbourne on the evening of 15 October.