Pattern and Structure Assessment (PASA) Seminar

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The PASA/PASMAP package can help teachers to accurately assess students' awareness of the patterns and structures that underlie all early mathematics, and plan learning experiences that match children's levels of awareness and are known to be effective in deepening their mathematical understanding.

Students benefit by participating in learning experiences that are closely matched to their current level of awareness of mathematical patterns and structures, and that engage them in challenging activities that extend their understanding across the entire F-2 mathematics curriculum. PASMAP addresses the awareness of pattern and structure that underpins early years mathematics, allowing teachers to improve mathematics learning outcomes in effective and engaging ways.


  • addresses and develops understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts in an accessible way for early years students
  • allows teachers to use PASA results to select appropriate lesson plans
  • offers a flexible program of lessons that can be implemented in multiple ways, and
  • includes digital versions of worksheets and activities for students.

The PASA Webinar is made up of three sections:

  1. An introduction to pattern and structure – what it is, its significance in students' mathematical development, its wide variation, its teachability – with lots of examples drawn from PASA and PASMAP.
  2. Teaching pattern and structure
  3. Assessing pattern and structure