ACER reports applicant results to each school.  Schools will then make their decisions regarding interviews and/or the awarding of scholarships.

Individual schools decide how they wish for parents to access their child's results report.

Some schools will post the result reports to parents in the mail with a letter from the school.

Other schools have opted for parents to be able to access results online. If results will be available online, on the day results are available you will receive an email from ACER to your nominated email address with details on how to access the results. The results will be available from an ACER website which will be specified in the email.

If you have any login issues, please email with the problem, as well as your child's name, school applied for and current year level.

Some schools may not wish to release results to parents.  In this case, please email with your child's name, school applied for and current year level and we will email the results to you.

Your child's results will usually be available approximately four to six weeks after the test date.

Please remember that the purpose of the test is to assist schools in making decisions for their scholarship offers, the test is not diagnostic for parents and we are not able to provide parents with any further information other than the report provided to you.

Please note that ACER does not release the secure test sat by your child, or the raw scores.