Essential information

Which schools offer scholarships in my state?
Visit the Participating schools link.

What date is the test?
This will depend on whether the school you are applying to is in a Cooperative Program or has selected an Alternative Test Date. This information is provided on the 'Participating schools' link on the left side of the screen. 

Cooperative program schools:
South Australia:            Saturday 9 February 2019
Western Australia:       Saturday 9 March 2019
All other states:            Saturday 23 February 2019

Each alternative test date school will advertise their scholarship test date on their website.

When do applications open?
For 2019 entry, please check the individual school website. Applications for 2020 entry will open in mid-September 2018. 

When do applications close?
For cooperative schools, check the Cooperative Program Tests page.
For alternative date schools, check the school’s website – you can access school websites through the 'Participating schools' link to the left.

How much does it cost to apply?
An application fee will be charged by each school. The application fee will appear on the final payment page of your application form.

How do I apply for a scholarship for my child?
Create a Parent Account in the ACER Scholarship Test online system and register your child for a test. Further information is available by clicking on the 'Register for the test' link to the left. 

Are non-Australian residents/passport holders eligible to apply for a scholarship?
Each school decides which applicants are eligible to register for their test. Please check with the individual school prior to applying if you are a non-Australian resident/passport holder.