Test structure

Secondary level (levels 1, 2 and 3)

There will be a maximum of four separate tests. Alternative date schools have the choice of offering all four tests or choosing various combinations. Applicants should check with the school as to which of the tests they will be sitting.

The time allowed for each, and the order in which they will be taken if all four are offered are listed below.

Test 1: Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)
Test 2: Humanities - Comprehension and Interpretation (multiple choice, 40 minutes)
Test 3: Mathematics (multiple choice, 40 minutes)
Test 4: Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)

The actual times at which the first test starts and the last test finishes depend on the school. A break will be allowed between tests 2 and 3. Applicants who arrive late for the first test will be admitted only at the discretion of the supervisor. Applicants arriving late will NOT receive additional time to complete the test.

Primary level

The time allowed for each test, and the order in which they will be taken are listed below.  Refer to the Primary Level Test Content for detailed information about test structure.

Test 1: Reading and Viewing (multiple choice, 30 minutes)
Test 2: Mathematics (multiple choice, 30 minutes)
Test 3: Writing (2 x short extended response, 40 minutes)