Cooperative programs

The cooperative programs involve a large number of schools testing on the same test date. Applicants may register for several schools, sit the test once and have their results reported to all schools to which they have applied within the cooperative program. Where applicants register for more than one school they are required to list, in order of preference, all schools to which they have applied. Schools may make offers to any student regardless of the preference order specified by the applicant. Parents will be advised to carefully select the preference order as some schools will only consider students that have listed their school as the first preference.

Benefits of using the Cooperative Programs:

  • large pool of applicants that may consider registering for your school
  • your applicants' results are compared to a large cohort of students,
  • access to ACER managed test centres in some regional and overseas locations available to applicants who are more than 200kms from a participating cooperative school,
  • opportunity for schools to participate in joint advertising to share costs, and
  • applicants sit only one test for one or several school applications.

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