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The ACER Scholarship Tests are used by approximately 250 independent schools across Australia to identify academically able students for the award of a scholarship. The tests are designed to rank order students, finely discriminating at the top end of performance.

The tests require students to demonstrate a range of skills such as the ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically.  They are not curriculum based and do not test the ability to retrieve learned knowledge.

ACER produces the tests, supplies them to schools, marks applicants' papers and reports applicant results back to each school.

Cooperative or Alternative Date?
The first decision that a new school needs to make, is whether to participate in one of our cooperative programs - the Australia-wide cooperative program which will test on Saturday 24 February 2018, the South Australian cooperative testing which will test on Saturday 3 February 2018, or the Western Australian cooperative testing which will test on Saturday 10 March 2018). 
Being part of a cooperative program allows applicants to sit the test at their first preference school, and results are forwarded to all schools applied for.  

Benefits of using the Cooperative Programs:

  • large pool of applicants that may consider registering for your school
  • your applicants' results are compared to a large cohort of students,
  • access to ACER managed test centres in some regional and overseas locations available to applicants who are more than 200kms from a participating cooperative school,
  • opportunity for schools to participate in joint advertising to share costs, and
  • applicants sit only one test for one or several school applications.

Schools that don't elect to be part of a cooperative program may wish to hold their own testing on another date. Applicants will come to your school and sit the test on your nominated date.

For further information, please phone ACER on 03 9277 5749 or email