Data collection, reporting, and benchmarking

The VET Quality Indicator Service helps RTOs with fulfilling their mandatory reporting requirements under the AQTF Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Quality Indicators, and also tailors a range of objective comparative reporting options to RTOs based on the types of additional quality data they may wish to collect. 

For example, RTOs may want to compare their performance on both the Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction questionnaires with other 'like' RTOs based on criteria such as location (metro/regional), size (small, medium, large) and type (TAFE, Private College, Enterprise).


Survey data collection

All survey data is managed securely through either Online (browser) or Manual (paper-based surveying, spreadsheet entry) submission methods. 

1. Online Survey - A link is emailed to respondents, and the survey is administered through an internet browser.  The results are collected automatically when respondents click 'submit' their completed surveys.

2. Manual Entry - Surveys are conducted through the RTO’s preferred method (i.e. printed out survey forms) and data is collected in a specially formatted Excel spreadsheet (see our Resources page).  This spreadsheet of survey data is then uploaded to the RTO’s account through a secure interface, with reports available immediately.


Paper-based Scannable Survey forms are in the process of being decommissioned, and will soon not be available for purchase.

If you have existing stock, the original purchase price covers processing, so you can still use any existing surveys and return them for processing.

We encourage all RTOs which have been using the scannable survey method to switch to either Online or Manual methods, as described above.

If you wish to make a final purchase (while stocks last), please send a purchase order to

These forms are priced at:

Learner Questionnaire:                $1.35 incl. GST per survey (minimum order 100)
Employer Questionnaire:             $1.50 incl. GST per survey (minimum order 50)

This page will be updated once all existing stock has been sold.


Report components

Standard AQTF report

This report contains a collated summary of survey data from the Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction questionnaires.  This report fulfills the mandatory annual AQTF Quality Indicator reporting requirements to State and Federal Regulatory Bodies.

Benchmark report

Please Note: the new benchmarking report tool will not be available until late 2016.

All active VET Quality Indicator Service accounts will be notified when this function has been enabled.


RTOs select an initial set of benchmarking criteria upon registering for the VET Quality Indicator Service.  After an initial report is generated from survey data, RTOs can then generate the benchmark report, and return to regenerate it as required at no extra cost.

Benchmark data provides a valuable, evidence-based source of information about the quality of education and training, student support services and employer satisfaction.  The information provided through benchmarking offers a number of clear benefits to all RTOs, including:

  • the ability to compare 'like with like' against a set of standard criteria*
  • gaining first-hand knowledge of how your students and their employers engage their training and assessment experiences
  • information on how to actively engage and retain apprentices, trainees and other VET students
  • guidance on methods that can be used to improve support services for students, apprentices and trainees
  • information to help coordinators and quality assurance staff evaluate and manage learning resources
  • objective data that can be used to market your institution and training services based on high quality independent review by users (students and teachers)

*The 'Like RTO' section of the report is based on your specific benchmark criteria selection. If there is insufficient comparative data for certain configurations of categories in the VET Quality Indicator Service at the time of report generation, then this section will not be populated, leaving only the comparison against all data currently in the system for the selected reporting cycle year.


Use of data and confidentiality

Once collected, it is up to individual RTOs to decide how to use their benchmark data.  

Collecting and distributing benchmark data sends a clear message to current and new students, employees and regulators that your RTO takes quality assurance and continuous improvement seriously.    

All data collected by ACER to produce baseline benchmark reports is treated as strictly confidential. No identifying RTO information will be included in any benchmark reports generated for other RTOs.