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Assess 21st-century skills

Online, on-demand assessments across 9 levels

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Insights across 5 key strands

Instant, interactive reports including quantitative and qualitative data

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AGAT is a general ability test that offers valuable insights into your students’ reasoning skills across 5 diverse strands.

AGAT supports teachers to understand their students’ ability to learn, providing rich insights into their cognitive abilities that can be used to:

  • inform and track the development of students’ reasoning capabilities
  • identify students most likely to benefit from extension, including entry into specialist classes or selective programs
  • compare with students’ academic achievement to better understand their additional support needs.

How schools can use AGAT results

  • select students for entry into a high-performing school or specialist classes
  • monitor progress for students who may not demonstrate strong skills in reading and mathematics
  • triangulate other data sets when reporting student progress.
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AGAT 2nd edition - what’s new?

Along with entirely new test content, and an updated, colourful and engaging format, AGAT now has 2 new strands to assess students’ ability to think and reason in a visual context.

AGAT 2nd edition is now live


Learn more about AGAT and what’s new in the 2nd edition in one of our introductory webinars for prospective schools.

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