1. Is there a difference between AGAT Online and the AGAT paper-and-pencil test?

AGAT Online comprises the same content as the printed version of AGAT.

2. What does AGAT measure?

AGAT is a test of general intellectual ability, designed to assist teachers in their assessment of students’ learning potential and overall aptitude.

3. How long does an AGAT test take to administer?

It takes about 5–10 minutes to provide instructions to the students and 40 minutes to complete the actual test online.

4. How many test levels are there and what are the recommended year levels for each test?

AGAT comprises nine tests of increasing overall difficulty covering a range of year levels.  The following table is a guide to which test level is appropriate to each school year.

AGAT  test

year levels


2, 3


2, 3, 4


3, 4, 5


4, 5, 6


5, 6, 7


6, 7, 8


7, 8, 9


8, 9, 10


8, 9, 10

5. What reports does AGAT provide?

Individual graphical reports and individual reports are available.  How these are generated depends on whether you are using paper or online delivery.  For online tests, individual graphical reports as PDF files and Group Reports are available automatically.  For paper tests, the spreadsheets on the manual CD can be used to enter students results, and individual graphical reports can be completed by hand.  Or, OMR answer sheets can be returned to ACER test scoring and analysis for scoring and reporting.

6. How can results of AGAT testing be used?

Results can be used at both the individual and the group level. AGAT scale scores can be used to report progress over time, regardless of which test was used. Percentile ranks and sta­nines provide a picture of how students’ results compare with the results of students in the same year level across Australia. An examination of questions answered correctly in each strand will provide specific diagnostic information for individual students.

7. How do students complete online tests?

Each student will require access to a computer connected to the internet. In general, once you have decided which test(s) you wish to purchase, the process is:

  • Student details are uploaded onto the school test website by the test administrator.
  • The test administrator assigns a test to each student.
  • Students log into the test with a unique user name and password.
  • Students will then have access to complete the test. The test administrator should keep a record of the time the test commenced and follow the administration instructions in the user guide for time allowed (the system will not automatically time the test).

8. How do I generate online reports?

When the tests have been completed, reports can be generated immediately within each testing platform.

9.  What are the technical requirements for using AGAT Online?

  • Your web browser should be the only program running on the computer at the time of the test. Exit all other programs before students start the test.
  • Use the navigational tools provided within system (i.e. the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons), not the navigational tools in the web browser toolbar.
  • The speed of your internet connection will determine the number of students who can sit a test at any one time.

A paper-and-pencil version of AGAT is also available for purchase. The printed version of AGAT has the same content as AGAT Online.

10. How do I order printed materials?

The printed version of AGAT can be purchased at the ACER Shop Online or contact ACER Customer Service via email or phone (toll free) 1800 338 402.

11. How do I get help if I am not sure what to order or need to speak to an ACER Education Consultant?

Contact ACER Customer Service via email or phone (toll free) 1800 338 402.