National Project Management

The overview here relates to the role of the National Project Manager (NPM) for AHELO. This information is taken and amended from the role descriptions stipulated by the AHELO Consortium. The Australian National Project Manager is Dr Daniel Edwards from the Australian Council for Educational Research. This position is funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

The NPM is responsible for the implementation of the AHELO Feasibility Study at national level. NPMs is the primary contact point for the AHELO Consortium in the day to day dealings with that country on all issues related to the implementation of the AHELO Feasibility Study in their country. NPMs play a vital role in ensuring that the AHELO Feasibility Study is administered in accordance with prescribed technical standards and operations guidelines, and in documenting processes implemented at national level toward the development of the AHELO Feasibility Study’s final reports.

More specifically, the NPM plays a critical role in leading the implementation of cognitive laboratories, focus groups and full-scale pilot testing. This is a complex job, and one of the prime responsibilities of the AHELO Consortium is to provide accurate, detailed and timely information to NPMs that guide their work. The AHELO Consortium uses a variety of methods to communicate with NPMs and to deliver the support and information they require to perform their functions.

The second major role for NPMs is in providing a channel through which national interests are represented in the implementation of the AHELO Feasibility Study. The use of surveys and review documents, meeting sessions that are specifically designed to collect national input and the views of NPMs are examples of the ways in which these objectives will be achieved. The AHELO Consortium will place great emphasis on obtaining and using input and feedback from NPMs on such matters as the draft frameworks as they are developed, the proposed test and questionnaire items and, crucially, feedback from students involved in cognitive laboratories and focus groups. NPMs will be in a key position to provide the most informed advice on the data collected through the AHELO Feasibility Study assessment, and its interpretation.

The NPM will undertake or supervise all tasks related to the development and implementation of the AHELO feasibility study in his/her country.