The Global Academic Challenge celebrates the academic success of participants with awards recognising their achievement.

5 May 

Awards for the Global Academic Challenge announced.



The Global Academic Challenge provides a range of valuable reports to support teachers and parents/carers to understand each student’s results. A suite of interactive reports are available for schools to analyse results, while parents/carers are provided with hard-copy reports displaying their child’s achievement.


The Challenge is an opportunity to celebrate your students’ academic achievements. We provide hard-copy certificates, personalised medallions and promotional opportunities so that you can share your students’ success with your community.

International comparisons are available instantly. 
Reports are detailed and interactive, providing rich insights into student achievement.
Parents and carers will receive a printed report with their child’s results.
Certificates and medallions are provided to schools ready for presentation at assemblies and ceremonies.
Certificates can be added to student portfolios to illustrate their academic achievement.
With permission, award winners will be highlighted in promotional material from ACER.

When to expect your results

Instant reports

Immediately after the competition you will have instant access to international comparison data to see how your students compare to an international cohort. 

National results announced

5 May 2022

Competition awards will be announced and your students’ certificate results will be released.

All interactive reports will also be updated to include national comparison data.

Awards sent to schools

13 May 2022

Personalised medallions, printed certificates and hard copy individual reports will be sent to schools.


International comparisons

The Global Academic Challenge provides instant comparisons between participating students’ results and an international cohort, drawing from the results of the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA). Trusted by schools since 2002, the ISA is a widely-respected assessment program currently taken by more than 90,000 students globally.

National comparisons

After results from the competition have been analysed, the Global Academic Challenge provides details on how each student performed compared to their peers around Australia who also undertook the Challenge. Certificates will be awarded based on a student’s ranking within the national cohort.

Reports available for:

Benchmark Report

Provides an overview of the Challenge results, including the average scale score for your school with comparisons to students in Australia and internationally.

Group Report

Provides comprehensive performance information for all students who have completed the Challenge.

Bands Report

Provides an overview of the distribution of participating students across the described achievement bands for each learning area.

Strand Report

Provides scores for each skill area, allowing you to review the strengths and weaknesses of participating students.

Individual report

Provides comprehensive details on each student’s individual performance.

Student report

Provides information on how your child performed in comparison to students in Australia and internationally, as well as a description of the skills and knowledge demonstrated.


Each participating student will receive a printed certificate recognising their performance.

Certificate criteria

Certificate and award criteria

Every student who takes part in the Challenge will receive a certificate celebrating their achievement. Certificates are awarded based on how students perform compared to all Australian students who sat the Challenge in 2021.


Each student who achieves the top result in each year’s learning area will receive a personalised medallion.

High Distinction with Honours

Students that achieve results in the top 2% will be awarded a High Distinction with Honours.

High Distinction

Students that achieve results within the top 10% will be awarded a High Distinction.


Students that achieve results within the top 25% will be awarded a Distinction.


Students that achieve results within the top 50% will be awarded a Credit.


All other students will receive a certificate recognising their participation.