The Global Academic Challenge offers schools the chance to see how their students’ results compare to their Australian and international peers.

Administering the Challenge

1 subject per day

Each learning area’s challenge will take approximately 60 minutes to administer, including preparation.

Challenge dates

Online test platform

Delivered in your ACER school account, through our trusted delivery platform.

Platform details and requirements

Supportive, responsive team

Our friendly support team are available 9am - 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

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To participate in the Global Academic Challenge, you will first need to register your school and then place your order.

Register your school for the Challenge

Registration is free and ensures you receive the support materials and updates you need to run the competition at your school. 


$15/student per subject

Orders close 1 may 2023.

Once you have registered your school, log into your ACER school account and purchase assessments through the store.

Parents and students, please check with your school to confirm the cost of participating in the Global Academic Challenge.


Request sample questions

To help determine the appropriateness of the Challenge for each of your students and to help familiarise your students with the format of the questions, we recommend requesting sample questions to review.

Sample questions

Request accessibility accommodations

Please advise us of any special considerations that your students may require and we will work with you to provide appropriate accommodations. Accommodations must be approved by ACER prior to students commencing the Challenge.

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Webinar: Introducing the Global Academic Challenge

Find out more about ACER’s new academic competition by attending one of our introductory webinars.

Frequently asked questions

How can I prepare my students for the Challenge?

Schools can request access to samples to familiarise students with the format of the questions, however, no other practice or revision is required as the Challenge focuses on a student’s ability to apply their understanding of each learning area in unfamiliar contexts, rather than use their knowledge of curriculum. Request samples


Is it possible for my students to participate in only one learning area of the Challenge?

Yes, every student does not need to take all learning areas within the Global Academic Challenge. You can opt for all your students to take the same one or two challenges, for example, Mathematics and Reading only. You can also select which students take which challenge, for example, you may want some of your students to only complete Mathematics and others to only complete Reading.


How much time should I set aside for my school to prepare for the Challenge?

Administration time for the Global Academic Challenge is minimal. You can find all the steps involved in ensure your school is set up for the Challenge in our Preparation Guide. Our customer support team are always available for any questions you may have, so please reach out with any queries. Download our Preparation Guide