The Global Academic Challenge is a unique opportunity to stretch high-achieving students to apply their knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum.

Taking the Challenge

The Global Academic Challenge is available to all schools in Australia. Registrations are now open.


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Students & parents

The Challenge is currently available through registered schools only.

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Benefits for the whole school


Schools can rely on the results, as they are based on ACER’s decades of assessment experience both within Australia and internationally.
Reports are provided with a range of valuable data, allowing educators to analyse how their students’ performed across the learning areas and to see how they compared to their peers nationally and internationally.
It also offers schools the chance to celebrate their students’ success with certificates and awards.


The Challenge empowers students to see what they can achieve on the national and world stage.
With content based on internationally-endorsed frameworks, the challenge allows students to use their skills and knowledge in problem-solving contexts that move beyond the Australian curriculum.
Students will also receive a certificate recognising their achievement from ACER, a globally-respected educational organisation.

A unique academic challenge

The Global Academic Challenge is the only academic competition for Australian students based on internationally-endorsed frameworks and designed by a globally-renowned education research centre.

The Challenge will provide valuable insights into your students’ performance and reliable international and national comparisons that will help you see how your students’ results compare to their peers around the world and across Australia.

International comparisons

Offers students the chance to take the same questions as their international peers and to see how their performance compares.

Designed by experts

Brought to you by experts in Australian education and the creators of PAT, used in half of all Australian schools.


Based on decades of international and local assessment and research, delivering results you can trust.

Awards and recognition

The Global Academic Challenge is a valuable opportunity to recognise what your students can achieve and to celebrate their academic success within your school community.


Each student who achieves the top result in each learning area will receive a personalised medallion, as well as their certificate.


Every student who takes part in the Challenge will receive a certificate recognising their level of achievement.

Certificate criteria

Respected educational centre

ACER is globally renowned for its research, rigour and evidence-based approach, giving certificates real-world meaning.

Celebrate achievements

Schools are encouraged to present certificates and awards at assemblies and in school newsletters.

Share with ACER

ACER is keen to celebrate your successes with you! With your permission, ACER will publish outstanding results and profiles of your schools’ achievement.

See how your students perform on the world stage

Challenge your students beyond the curriculum

Linked to international frameworks, the Global Academic Challenge assesses achievement beyond the expectations of a curriculum-linked assessment, allowing students to demonstrate higher levels of skill.

The questions encourage students to actively engage with real-life contexts to solve problems, apply knowledge and employ a range of strategies.

Learning areas

The Global Academic Challenge is available for years 4, 6 and 8 across three different learning areas, Mathematics, Reading and Science.

Maths icon


21 March 2022

The Mathematics challenge measures the ability of students to reason mathematically and use mathematical concepts, procedures, facts and tools in describing, predicting and explaining phenomena.

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Reading icon


22 March 2022

The Reading challenge measures each students’ ability to construct, extend and reflect on the meaning of what they have read across a wide range of texts.

Learn more about Reading

Science icon


23 March 2022

The Science challenge assesses the ability of students to use their scientific knowledge to identify and solve problems, offer explanations of observations, and draw conclusions supported by evidence.

Learn more about Science