HAST is an ability test used by secondary schools to identify academically gifted students for participation in accelerated learning and enhancement programs.

The test draws upon ACER’s extensive experience in high-stakes testing programs for schools such as the Selective High School Placement Test in New South Wales, the Ignite program in South Australia and the Queensland Academies Student Entrance Test.

The HAST program delivers rigorous tests in reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning and written expression at all levels of secondary school including first level entry.

HAST is designed to measure innate ability and academic potential unlike curriculum-based tests which typically identify what a student has already learned.

The test material is presented in a wide range of contexts and includes some items that are highly verbal, some that require the ability to perceive concepts at an abstract level, others that require the ability to synthesise, extrapolate or make inferences and some that apply logical and strategic thinking to solving a problem.

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